Series of c-prints, each one 70cm x 100cm, framed, 2011 / ongoing
each one printed in a edition of 5 + 2AP

I spent a year visiting several museums located in different European cities, observing modern
art works, on the basis of a paradoxical criteria: the visual relationship between the artistic works and their observers. I came up with a first series reflecting on the concepts of time, origin and belonging. In Beyond reasonable Evidence the observer gets into the picture’s frame and he not only experiences being photographed, but he also becomes the object of the painting. He goes into the work of art, and co-existing with it, he becomes a work of art himself; the painting shares its atemporality with him. In addition to that, the evident likeness, makes one think about a blood-relation. Somehow, this probability generates a future chance inside the past. The picture is related to history as much as every personal fact is related to biography. These portraits, sprang from some casual meetings between the visitors and me, during an average day at the museum. They represent the face as well as the detail provided by a particular contingency: the museum attendant’s badge, an evident flaw. In that way, I make the unforeseen historical and eternal, juxtaposing it to the ideal nature of the historical painting. Through the mechanism of the visual reference and the proving nature of the photographic means, the painting acquire a future force and the present a past one. Making the eternal sway and revealing the eternity of the moment.

Installation view, Ca’ Rezzonico Museum, Venice, 2013

Debora in front of “Bildnis einer jungen Dame”by Cornelis De Vos (1623-1624), Kunsthaus, Zürich,
chromogenic print on Kodak Endura paper, 70cmx100cm, October 2011

Elisabetta in front of “La Maga Circe” by Lorenzo Garbieri (1615/1620), Pinacoteca Nazionale, Bologna,
chromogenic print on Kodak Endura paper, 70cmx100cm, November 2012

Martha in front of “James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Clanbrassil (1774) by Jean-Etienne Liotard, Private collection, Zürich,
chromogenic print on Kodak Endura paper, 70cmx100cm, March 2012

Luca in front of “Disputa tra filosofi o L’accademia di Platone (detail), (1645), by Salvator Rosa, Galleria Nazionale delle Marche,
Urbino, chromogenic print on Kodak Endura paper, 70cmx100cm, July 2012

Aldo in front of "ritratto di padre" by Nicola Grassi (1682-1748), Museo Ca' Rezzonico, January 2015,
inkjet print, 70cm x 100cm, January 2015, ed of.5

Chiara in front of "ritratto di Teresa Campori con cagnolino" by Angelo Crescimbeni, (1776), Galleria di arte moderna, Bologna,
inkjet print, 70cmx100cm, February 2015, ed of.5

Katharina in front of “Grace, Countess of Clanbrassill”by Jean-Etienne Liotard (1774),
Kunsthaus, Zürich, chromogenic print on Kodak Endura paper, 70cmx100cm, February 2012

Installation view, Upp Gallery, Venice 2015
Installation view, Ca' Rezzonico Museum, Venice 2013

Backstage image,
Ca’ Rezzonico Museum, Venice 2015