Green Diamond is a company existed in Beijing between 1995 and mid-1999, whose headquarters were located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone on Jinghai Road. GD was a factory of highly sophisticated hi-tech technology, whose aim was the development of refined microchips in diamond powder, called "GD sensors”, capable of provoking in the human body sensations and feelings related to nature. Through a series of gestures, combined with sensors implanted in precise parts of the body and the use of virtual contact lenses and ultrasounds waves, the user of "Green Diamond" would be able to experience sensations such as the heat of the sun on their skin or feel fresh air blowing in their faces.

尽管没有任何确切证据证明绿钻公司真实存在过,从2018年起,Rachele Maistrello在李建平的帮助下,收集到了现有所有关于绿钻公司的资料,让我们得以一窥在这里发生过的事(李建平在1994至1999年间曾是绿钻工厂的一名工人)。

Since 2018, Rachele Maistrello, thanks to Li JianPing (李建平), who was employed in the factory between 1994 and 1999, has worked to collect allavailable documents to reconstruct what happen in this company, although is still impossible to find any final proof to its existence.


Between 1998 and 1999, the company employed Gao Yue (高跃), one of the most promising acrobats of the school of acrobatic art in Beijing, which had the task of testing thesensors and working on the new “Green Diamond” gestures- For about nine months, Gao Yue and Li JianPing had a relationship, which resulted in Li JianPing collecting most of their conversations and a bigger number of documents from Gao Yue’s working process.


When Li JianPing left the company, all company emails and all kinds of web documents were immediately deleted, both online and on his computer. Li JianPing, however, had kept several printed mails, videos and photographs to build a small book for Gao Yue to commemorate their first anniversiary, which became the foundation for the research into the history of Green Diamond.  Thanks to a recent reevaluation of the documents, Li JianPing's archive is now available to the public.

Rachele Maistrello 首度在I: project space 呈现李建平个人档案中的原件,其中包括这些图像和纸质资料。绿钻网站(the "Green Diamond website")上有李建平最具有代表性影像以及一系列由原材料复原的图形设计壁纸。一些影像和复原后的“绿钻”标语是在伯纳德控制设备公司(Bernard Control Factory)员工的帮助下完成的。这是一家位于静海路的公司,它离绿钻公司原来的总部很近。“绿钻姿势”的复原也得益于伯纳德公司现任员工伍淑清的帮助。

Rachele Maistrello presents at I: project space for the first time a series of original documents from Li Jian Ping's personal archive (analogue photographs, paper documents).  The "Green Diamond website" contains a rich collection of Li JianPing's most significant videos and a series of “graphics design wallpaper” reconstructed from the original materials.


Some videos and there construction of the "Green Diamond" slogans have been reconstructed in collaboration with the workers of Bernard Control Factory, a company located in Jinghai Road, not far from the original headquarters of Green Diamond Factory. The recreation of the "Green Diamond gestures" have been possible through the efforts of Wu Shuqing, a current emplyee of Bernard Control Factory.

如果你有更多关于“绿钻工厂”的信息和材料,请联系RacheleMaistrello,李建平和I: project space.

If anyone has further information or materials they want to share about the "Green Diamond Factory", please reach out to Rachele Maistrello, Li JianPing or write to I: project space.


the project involved Bernard Control,
Social Sensitivity R&D Department 
founded by Alessandro Rolandi