20 c-prints, mounted on pvc, framed,
each dyptich 95cm x 70cm + 26cm x 70cm, ed. of 3 plus 2AP, 2016
Workshop of two months with students of the primary school in Buja del Friuli
documents (variable sizes), series of c-prints.

In creating this work, I tried to bring a new procedural disposition to the staging: together with a class from the elementary school in Buja del Friuli, one of the towns most affected by the 1976 earthquake in the area, I worked to construct a new chapter of the myth of the Orcolat (an ogre who, according to legend, made the earth shake with his footsteps, and is hiding in the San Simeone mountain, waiting to come out).  The grandchildren of the people who lived through the earthquake, lives it as two different experiences: at school they encounter it as a geological phenomenon, detached from context and abstracted from the private, whilst at home, through superstition and beliefs, they catch word of the Orcolat from some conversation or other. In these conversations often the removal of pain is the only way to protect them. After a long period collecting documents, objects and transcriptions with the children, we began the phase of visual construction, which evolved from a rudimentary script written together. Photography served as a tool for documentation not only for what the earthquake was but also how it has been lived in the minds of these new generations. A documentary tale emerged, in which the passing of time, the force of nature and human reconstruction were narrated in spontaneous, evocative actions. During the process of image construction, a tendency towards a need to represent the mythical forces which surround the event emerged; forces which exist as much in the minds of the children as in the minds of the adults. The subject, placing themselves in the scene, establishes a performative relationship with the photograph, in a process of self-representation, historical narration and symbolic construction.


Amariana’s mirror, c-print, 2016

The coin, c-print, 2016

Marianna and grandmother, 2016

documents (Orcolat coin, one original photograph of 
1976 earthquake,
letters and drawings by relatives and parents of the students)


Gaia’s grandmother letter for the class

documents of the first part of the workshop:
being able to share events in a narrative way.

The Three, Red Insect, Untitled, Dietro alla roccia, c-prints, each 95x70cm, 2016

The Circle, 2016

The Mirror, Marianna, Come se dormisse, Marianna allo specchio, 
La terra e il fumo, Oracolo, 2016

installation view, Villa Manin, Codroipo, Italy